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Marine Policy, Maritime Security and Ocean Diplomacy on the Asia-Pacific
ISSN 89-7225-085-9 발행일 1995-09-15
페이지수 조회수 1409
글쓴이 관리자 등록일 1995-09-15


Introduction : Maritime Policy and Security and Ocean Diplomacy in a New World Order :
Mahor Tasks for 21st Century / 김달중

Part I. Current Practice & Future Directions in Maritime Policy
1. National Maritime Policies and Directions : New Initiatives in Governance of High Seas
Resources under the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention / Jon M. Van Dyke
2. Prospects for Maritime Policy Coordination in the Asia-Pacific : Agenda for Peace of
the Oceans / 박춘호

Part II. Maritime Security in the Post-Cold War Era
3. Maritime Security and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea /백진현
4. Maritime Confidence and Security Building Measures(MCSBM) in Asia-Pacific :
Challenges, Prospects and Policy Implications / Jack McCaffrie & Sam Bateman
5. The Impact of International Security Mechanisms and Military Systems on the Ocean and
Related Environments / John P. Craven

Part III. Regional Maritime Disputes and Ocean Diplomacy
6. The Prospects for Solving Territorial Problems in the Spratlys :
The Need to Manage Contentious Issues / B.A. Hamzah
7. The Northern Territories Dispute and Prospect for Resolution :
Historical and Legal Analysis / Toshiya Ueki
이전글 동북아 해양협력의 모색 : 전망과 가능성
다음글 유럽의 정치와 경제
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