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East and West Studies Vol. 30, No. 4 2018
연세대학교 동서문제연구원
11 persons
ISSN 1225-8814 Date 2018-12-20
Pages 245 Read 1849
Writer 관리자 Regdate 2019-01-08

[Lim, Kyung Han] India and Australias Response to the One Belt One Road Initiative and Indo-Pacific Strategy


[Hyun Soo KIM] Freedom Operation of Navigation and One Belt One Road -Focused on the Passage Regimes-


[Lee, Jung-Hoon] Analysis of Japan’s Indo-Pacific Strategy


[Jiseob Kim] How Changes in Population Structure Impact Vulnerability of Household Debt


[Hwang Sejeong·Taedong Lee] The Influence of NGO’s Information Politics on Business: The Case of Cool IT Campaign


[Zukweon Kim] The Correlation between Foreign Direct Investment and Trade: Foreign Direct Investment Outflows, Gross Exports and Exports in Value Added

[Seongjo Kim·Sun-woo Lee·Shingoo Kang] The Political Dynamics Behind Consensual and Unilateral Model of Constitutional Amendments: 2000 French Reform and 1993 Russian Reform


[Joo Yeon Sun] Economic Impact Assessment of Korea-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA): the Impact of Trade Liberalization on the Korean Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industries

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