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East and West Studies Vol. 26, No. 1 2014
Yonsei University Institute of East and West Studies
ISSN Date 2014-03-20
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Spring 2014  l  Vol. 26, No. 1

  • [Jae-Cheon Lim, Jiyeon Kwon] Kim Jong Il's Leadership in Managing the North Korean Power Elite : Analyzing Its Characteristics as Transactional Leadership
  • [Sungsoo Kim, Keunwoo Nam] The Changing Patterns of Generational Self-awareness in Korean-Japanese Society
  • [Jeihee Kyung] A Comparative Study of Retrospective and Prospective Voting between the Korean 17th · 18th Presidential Elections and the Japanese 44th · 45th Elections
  • [Jeong Hun Oh, Taehee Whang] The Effects of Government Forms on Exchange Rate Devaluations in Developing Countries
  • [Yong Suhk Pak, Young-Ryeol Park] Analysis of Creative Economics Effects on Resorts Complex
  • [Jinman Cho, Jung Taek Hun] A Comparative Analysis on the Perceptional Differences of the Younger Generation between South and North Korea regarding the Reunification Issues
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