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Europe and East Asia in Transition of World Order
연세대학교 동서문제연구원
ISSN 978-89-965868-1-4 발행일 2014-07-04
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Europe and East Asia in Transition of World Order


  • Preface
  • Contributors
  • The rise and Fall of Authoritarian Regimes. Theoretical Considerations - Harald Bergbauer
  • The Logic of Authoritarianism: North Korea and Autocratic Regime Stability - Andereas Wihelm
  • The Crisis of the Euro: Nature, Caues, Rescue Strategy and Consequences for Europe's Future Role in the World - Dr. Rigmar Osterkamp
  • Is the World of Finance Dominating National Economics and Politics? - Heinz Steinmueller
  • East European Countries after the Breakup of Communism and the Ongoing Challenge of European Integration - Ralf Thomas Gollner
  • Multilateral Cooperation and Regional Integration in East Asia: for cooperative integration or membership game? - Seong-Woo Yi
  • The North Korean Nuclear Issue and the Six-Party Talks: The Logic of Regime Failure - Sangtu KO
이전글 Economic and Political Cooperation between Asia and Europe in the Age of Globalisation
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