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East and West Studies Vol. 28, No. 2 2016
연세대학교 동서문제연구원
23 persons
ISSN 1225-8814 Date 2016-06-20
Pages 331 Read 921
Writer 관리자 Regdate 2019-01-08

[Young-Kyung Ko·Young-Ryeol Park] Exploring the Medical Device Industry: A Historical Approach of Medison’s Competitive Growth Strategy*


[Joe Phillips·Joseph Yi·Seon-Joo Kim] Koreans and Foreigners: Public Discourse on Nation and Ethnicity in South Korea*


[Jiyoung Park·DooWon Lee] Research for the factors of economic development ASEAN countries and Korea with growth regression model


[Koo, Bon Sang] Presidential Candidate-Centered Attitudes Towards Tax-Welfare Issues: Evidence from the 18the Korean Presidential Election


[Jeong, Hoi Ok·Kim, Yoon Sil·Yoon, Jong Bin] A Study on the Attitudes toward Homosexuals and the Issue of Same-sex Marriage among Americans


[Yongha Kwon·Jungsoo Ahn·Jae-Suk Yang·Ji-hyun Kim] The Role of Noise in a Mutual Selection and Learning Model*


[Minwoo Kim·Changrok Soh·Youngsoo Yu] The Motivations for Voluntary Compliance with International Corporate Human Rights Responsibility (CHR) Guidelines by Korean Companies*


[Seokwoo Kim] Origins of Korean ODA Policies: Competing Hypotheses and Empirical Evidences*


[Soo Hyun Jung] EU Energy Security Strategy in the Climate Change System


[Jeongyeon Kim·Whasun Jho] Selective use of media and the polarization of political attitude




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