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Research Centers

  • Center for East Asian Cooperation and Integration

  • Center for Southeast Asian Studies

    The Southeast Asia Center at the Institute of East and West Studies is Yonsei University's only Southeast Asia research institute. The Center supports Southeast Asia regional research, comparative research with Korea and East Asia, and strives to expand student cooperation and local research. The Southeast Asia Center cooperates with the Phillipines National University, Vietnam Center for Continuing Education, and other Southeast Asia local research institutes, and organizes various academic activities and seminars each year.

    Center Director : Ryu Suk Chun
    Yonsei University Professor of Sociology and Area Studies
    Yonsei University Syng-Man Rhee Institute, Director
    Curriculum Vitae
    University of California, San Diego, Fulbright Visiting Professor (2009.9 - 2010.2)
    The Australian National University Korea Studies Institute Visiting Research Professor (2009.3 - 2009.7)
    Dean of Department of Sociology, College of Social Sciences, Yonsei University (2004.3 - 2006.2)
    Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Board member (2004.3 - Present)
    Yonsei University Cyber Education Community Director (2003.10 - 2007.2)
    「Southeast Asian Research」 Editing Commission (2003.2 - 2004.2)
    University of the Philippines Third World Research Institute Visiting Professor
  • Center for American Studies

    The America Research Center was reorganized November 1, 1990 by Moon Chung (Professor of Political Science and International Relations). It focuses on research projects related to the United States, organizes relevant international and national conferences and seminars, and promotes research and publishing business.

    Starting in 1996, an annual international conference was held, including the "Korea, Japan, and the United States: Reconstructing History, Cognition, and Peace in East Asia" conference in 1997, the "Democratization and Globalization in South Korea: Comparative Perspective," conference and the commemoration of the 25th anniversary international conference for the Research Institute of East and West.

    In 1998 the academic seminar "The Systems of Local Government in the United States: Accounting for their Complexity and Implication Using Some Data" was held with Professor Norman R. Luttbeg (Texas A & M University), and the 3rd International Conference on "Air Power in 21st Century Korea" was conducted. Additional books include American Studies hosted Democratization and Globalization in Korea: Assessment and Prospects (1999). Currently Professor Jung-Hoon Lee of the Graduate School of International Studies is in charge.

  • Center for Europe Studies

    The Center for European Studies was made from

    (1) the German Study Program, which was founded in 1983, (2) the East European Study Program, founded in 1985, (3) the British Study Program, founded in 1986 and (4) the Austrian Study Center, founded in 1988. Now the Center for European Studies is directed by Professor Sang Tu Ko of the Graduate Program of Area Studies, and holds many academic researching activities such as (1) Research Programs, (2) International Academic Conferences, (3) Invited Scholars Seminars, (4) Scholars and Students Exchanges and (5) Publication.

    The Center for European Studies has been leading systematic research on East Europe in Korea through the First 5-Year Communist Bloc Research Project, which progressed from 1978 to 1982 and was supported by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The Second 5-Year Project started in 1985 under the East European Research Program. Then in 1990, the East European Research progressed under the Third 5-Year Plan. The Korea-Hungary International Academic Conference, which has been co-hosted over four times with the Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences starting in 1988, expanded not only the range of East European Research but also academic and personal interaction with East Europe. By doing this, it provided the academic and human basis for improvement of the relationship between Korea and East Europe.

    The Korea-Germany International Academic Conference, which has been co-hosted at least 12 times annually since 1983 with the Southeast European Economic and Social Research Institute of University of Munich under the German Study Program. After the unification of Germany in 1990, it has had various in-depth discussion under subjects such as: "Influence of the Soviet Union's collapse to Korea and Germany", "Division and Unification in Europe and Northeast Asia," "Present state of Europe and East Asia's economic integration strategy" and "Germany's unification experience and the Korean Peninsula." The Korea-England International Conference has been co-hosted under the British Study Program annually since 1988 with the Center for Korean Studies in the University of Sheffield. The Korea-England International Conference has covered various subjects such as economic, industrial and social policy problems between Korea and England and Korea and Europe. The Korea-Austria International Academic Conference, which has been co-hosted with Austrian Institute for International Affairs under the Austrian Study Program, was up to its 5th until 1992. In 1992, IEWS hosted a special lecture on September 7th 1992 to commemorate on the 100 year anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Austria. The Center for European Studies has bee leading ASEM research since 1988. By hosting "The First Roundtable of ASEM Research Forum in Korea" on September 25th 1998 and the 1st Yonsei-Warwick ASEM International Conference from November 9th to 10th 1998, it contributed to the vitality and development of ASEM research.

    As part of these research programs on main European countries, European economy and security, and ASEM researching, the IEWS has hosted academic seminars inviting scholars, experts and ambassadors. Also, from 1999, it has hosted seminars inviting the EU Commission and important people in main EU countries and from the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) with an interest in researching the EU. Approximately 60 conferences have been hosted by IEWS up to 2002, including 11 on Eastern Europe, 8 on the United Kingdom, 20 on Germany, 3 on Austria, 10 on European Problems and 5 on ASEM problem.

    The Center for European Studies continues to do active joint researches and scholars interchanges. Research findings are published in IEWS's English journal, Global Economic Review, and East & West Studies. Also, 25 separate volumes have been published by the Center for European Studies, including a 10 book on collection series of treatises of the Communist Bloc, 13 books on East and West Studies Series and other collections of treatises research.

    Center Director : Professor Ko Sang Tu
  • Center for Canadian Studies

    The Center for Canadian Studies is the developed version of Canadian Study Program, which was established in 1984 by the IEWS to study Canada's politics, economics, society and culture and relationship between Korea and Canada. Currently the Center for Canadian Studies is leading the Canadian Study in Korea by: (1) holding international academic conferences, (2) presenting research and hosting seminars, (3) hosting invited scholars seminars, (4) professor and student exchanges and (5) accumulating Canadian-related materials and opening lectures

    Academic conferences hosted by the Center for Canadian Studies of IEWS are (1) Korea-Canada International Academic Conference, which is co-hosted by IEWS and University of Alberta since 1987 and (2) Yonsei-Toronto International Academic Conference since 1990. The Center for Canadian Studies of IEWS has exchanged scholars and students with University of Albert, University of Toronto, University of Calgary, Carlreton University, Queen's University, University of British Columbia, University of Ottawa and McGil University.

    The Center for Canadian Studies is also running a reference room with Canadian-related books donated from government and universities of Canada since November 22, 1990. Furthermore, the Center for Canadian Studies is opening Canadian-related courses in the Department of Political Science and International Studies and Area Studies of Graduate School. For this, it's trying to obtain materials and information by sending related professors as exchange or visiting scholars. The Center for Canadian Studies launched a research journal specializing in Canada in 1989.

    The Center for Canadian Studies has hosting at least one Academic Conference and one Invited Scholars Seminar every year after its foundation. Academic Conferences and Invited Scholars Seminars included: "Comparison of Corporate Culture between Korea and Canada" (1998), "Global Changes in Education: What Needs to be Done?" (1998) by Michel E. Perrault, the Canadian Ambassador to Korea, "NAFT After 5 Years"(1999). In 2002, it hosted the Research Program "Canada in Korea" with support of Embassy of Canada to Korea.

    Director : Yeonho Lee
    Professor of Political Science in the Department of Political Science and International Studies and Director of the Center for Canadian Studies, Yonsei University. He received his BA in Political Science from Yonsei, Korea, and MPhil and PhD in Politics from Cambridge University, UK. He had been an ESRC Fellow at the University of Warwick, UK, until he joined in Yonsei. His research and teaching interests include international development cooperation, development theories and Korean political economy. He is the author The State, Society and Big Business in South Korea, Routledge and Theories of Development, Yonsei University Press. He has also published several articles in the Pacific Review, Asian Survey and Korean Political Science Review.
  • Center for Russia/Central Asian Studies

    The Center for Russia/Central Asian Studies was established for the regional research on the politics, economics, business, society, and culture of Russia and the Central Asian nations.

    Russia, a traditional great power, will play a large role in the 21st Century, with multiple points of exchange with Korea such as the development of Central Asia, the trans-Siberian railroad, and the trans-China railroad. The Russia Central Asia Research Center will vitalize research on this strategically important area and provide productive resources to Korean businesses and government.

    Director : Professor Kim, Tae Hyun
    Academic Record

    - 1979Yonsei University Business B.A.
    - 1981US Bowling Green State University BusinessM.A.
    - 1986US Indiana University Business Ph.D

    Teaching Record

    - 1987. 03 ~ Currently Yonsei University Department of Business Professor
    - 2011. 03 ~ Currently Yonsei University Russia and Central Asian Research Center Director
    - 2007. 02 ~ 2009. 01Yonsei University Department of Business Dean
    - 2007. 02 ~ 2009. 01Yonsei University Business School Director
    - 2001. 10 ~ 2006. 08Yonsei University Sangnam Institute of Management Director
    - 1993. 07 ~ 1994. 06US M.I.T. Visiting Professor
    - 1990. 09 ~ 1992. 08Yonsei University Industrial Management Institute Vice Director

    Curriculum Vitae

    - 2012. 01 ~ 2013. 12 Korea Production and Management Society President
    - 2010. 01 ~ Currently Logistics Newspaper, Editing Advisor
    - 2009. 12 ~ Currently (재단법인 함께 나누는 세상), Steering Member/Administrative Member
    - 2009. 02 ~ 2010. 01Korea Technology Industry Board Member
    - 2008. 12 ~ Currently Fortune Korea Editorial Committee Member
    - 2008. 11 ~ Currently Korean Chamber of Commerce Logistics Board Advisor
    - 2008. 10 ~ Currently Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Senior Policy Advisor
    - 2008. 05 ~ 2010. 06Seoul Evergreen Management Foundation Board Member
    - 2007. 12 ~ 2009. 01Dong A Business Review Editing Advisor
    - 2007. 04 ~ 2008. 04Korea Logistics Society President
    - 2007. 02 ~ 2008. 10Korea Logis International Board Member
    - 2007. 01 ~ 2007. 12Asia-Pacific Decision Science Institute (APDSI) President
    - 2006. 03 ~ 2007. 02Korea Management Society Board Member
    - 2004. 02 ~ Currently Incheon City Aviation Administration Authority Board Member
    - 2004. 04 ~ Currently Korean Chamber of CommerceInternationalization Board Member
    - 2004. 07 ~ 2005. 07CJGLS Advisor
    - 2003. 04 ~ Currently Northeast Asian Logistics Innovation Board Member
    - 2002. 10 ~ 2003. 03Hyundai H&S Board Member
    - 2001. 08 ~ 2002. 07Korea Purchase Management Society Vice President
    - 2000. 09 ~ 2007. 03Korea SCM Vice President
    - 2000. 03 ~ 2007. 03Hyundai Department StoreBoard Member
    - 1998. 03 ~ 2004. 03Korea SCM Private-Public Sector Cooperation Board Member
    - 1998. 03 ~ 2002. 08Ministry of Industry and Resources Logistics Policy Advisor
    - 1996. 08 ~ 1998. 02Ministry of Construction and Transport Policy Advisor
    - 1994. 09 ~ 1996. 08Ministry of Information and Communication Logistics Board Member
    - 1994. 09 ~ 1998. 07Ministry of Construction and Transport Logistics PolicyAdvisor
    - 1991. 09 ~ 2000. 01Hanjin Comprehensive Logistics Research Vice Director


    - Maeil Economic News Economist Award(1992)
    - Korea Logistics Society Academic Award (2000)
    - Korea Logistics Innovation Award (2002)
    - Korea SCM Society Academic Award (2008)
    - Korea Production and Management Society Research Paper Award (2010)

  • Center for Latin American Studies

    The Latin America Research Center promotes knowledge about Korea and Latin America between those who want to promote mutual understanding between these countries. It was established in 1993. The Latin American Research Center's main activities aim in Central and South America. Through Diplomatic Round Table Session invited ambassadors of Latin American countries discuss Latin America and world economic issues as well as in-depth major issues in local Latin American culturaland research.

    Director : Park, Yong - Suk
    Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University professor of international business
    Director, Institute of East and West Studies
    Major Activities
    Deputy Director Institute of East and West Studies (2009.3 - 2011.2)
    Deputy Director of Yonsei-SERI EU Centre (2010.10 - 2011.2)
    ETP Korea Chamber of Commerce hosted the European public or advisor(2007-present)
    Global Management Research Association (2010.1 - 2010.12)
    Editor: East-West Studies (2009.3 - 2011.2)
    Journal Editorial Board: International Competition Research (2010-present);International Business Review (2007-present); KBR (2010 - present)
    Association Activities: Vice President of the Korea Management Association, the Korea Management Association Executive Director, Executive Director of Korea Institute of goods
  • Center for Middle East/African Studies

    The Middle-East and Africa Research Center was founded as a core research division from the foundation of the IEWS to proceed in a comparative study of each region in the globe. It was not active due to the lack of human resources and support until after the late 1990s when the Middle East Problem attracted international attention, so the IEWS started accelerating the research activities in earnest. Having Professor Chungin Moon from Department of Political Science and International Studies as a head, the Middle-East and Africa Research Center has hosted academic seminars over 4 times, inviting scholars and experts of Middle East and African regions.

    On May 5th 1998, the Division of Middle-East and African Studies hosted a seminar under the theme of "Israel and Korea at 50: Similarities in Crisis and Success Conclusions Based on the Israel Experience" inviting the ambassador of Israel to Korea.

    September 23rd 1998, it hosted a seminar with the subject "Economic Crisis and Structural Adjustment in Egypt: Infitah and its Implication for South Korea" inviting Osama El Magdoub, ambassador of Egypt to Korea.

    October 16 1998, it hosted a seminar under the theme of "Turkey: A Bridge between East and West" inviting the ambassador of Turkey to Korea.

    October 20th 1998, it hosted a seminar under the subject of "Arab-Israel Conflict: Current Situation" inviting doctor Eyal Zisser of Tel Aviv University in Israel.

  • Centre for Australian Studies (CAS)

    The Centre for Australian studies (CAS) is the only one of its kind in Korea, and its mission is to "Connect Australia and Korea through Research, Education and Networking.” It offers a venue for Australian visitors from various areas like business, science, culture, and politics to meet their Korean counterparts as well as the public. To disseminate knowledge on Australia, the CAS holds regular seminars. It organized an international conference on “Australia’s Multiculturalism and Lessons for Korea” in September 2009, sponsored by the Australia Korea Foundation, and published “Understanding Contemporary Australia” (2011).

    Director : Heejin Lee
    Heejin Lee is Professor at the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Yonsei University. He studied business administration (BA) and sociology (MA) at Seoul National University, and then obtained his PhD in Information Systems at London School of Economic and Political Science. Before joining GSIS, Yonsei, he worked for Brunel University, UK and the University of Melbourne (2002-2006).
    Curriculum Vitae
    his current areas of research and interest include information and communication technology for development (ICT4D) and China’s ICT standards policy.
  • Center for Chinese Studies

    The Center for Chinese Studies originated from the Chinese Studies Program established by the IEWS in 1988. The program became a research division in 1990, and was established as a center in 2008. The Chinese Studies Program was developed during academic exchanges with the Beijing University in 1998. The program carried out research projects on the communist world under support from the Ministry of Culture and Education, and held the first Yonsei-Beijing University International Academic Conference in December 1998.

    Research on China has become more active since diplomatic relations were established in 1992. The Center undertakes various activities to accurately identify the politics, economics, foreign relations, and culture of China during its market transition phase, and understand the increasing exchanges between China and Korea in order to develop closer ties. The activities of the Center for Chinese Studies are composed of research projects, academic conferences, and seminars.

    Center Director : Professor Han, Sukhee
    Yonsei University Graduate School of International Studies Vice Director
    Chinese foreign relations, Power politics, Political economy
    The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts Univeristy Ph.D.
    The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts Univeristy M.A.
    Yonsei University Graduate School of Politics, M.A.
    Yonsei University Department of Political Science and International Studies B.A.
    Curriculum Vitae
    1999 Mar. ~ 2000 Jun. University of Beijing Professor of Politics-Administration
    1998 Sep. ~ 2001 Feb. China Social Sciences Institute Asia-Pacific Research Center Researcher
    2005 May. ~ Currently Yonsei University Graduate School of International Studies Vice Director
  • Center for Japanese Studies

    The Center for Japanese Studies conducts research projects on Japan, and holds international and domestic academic conferences, and visiting scholars seminars to accumulate and transmit specialized knowledge and information on Japan. The center, since its founding, has carried out research projects on "Post-war Japan's Politics, Economics, Science, Technology, and Military Policy (1982),” “Korea-Japan Resource Cooperation and Energy Policy Cooperation : A 3-Step Study (1984-1985),” “US-Japanese Reflations in Emerging Asia-Pacific Regimes(1994-1995),” “Japan's Constitutional Debate(1997-1998),” “Japanese Administrative Reforms in the 1990's and Korea's Developmental Direction (2000-2001),” “Culture in the Age of Information : A Comparative Study of Korea and Japan(2001-2002)”, contributing to the field of Japanese Studies. The Center has also held the Yonsei-Keio University academic conference with the Keio University Regional Studies Institute since 1989, and the 1990 Yonsei-Tsukuba University International Seminar since 1990. The Center also regularly invites experts on Japan to hold seminars, expanding the academic exchanges. Currently, with the support of the Asia Research Foundation and IEWS, the center is carrying out the project on "Establishing a Database for Research on Korea-Japan Relations." This project seeks to create a database on Korea-Japan relations in the field of politics, economics, culture, society, and science. This project will provide information on Korea-Japan relations for researchers and the general public alike, contributing to future research.

    Center Director : Professor Kim, Sang Jun
    Yonsei University College of Social Sciences, Department of Political Science and International Studies, Professor.
    Japanese Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Economy
    Curriculum Vitae
    Yonsei University Deparment of Political Science and International Studies, B.A.
    Keio University Graduate School of Law M.A. In Political Science
    The University of Chicago Graduate School of Political Science Ph.D. In Political Science
    Yonsei University Research Department Vice Director
    Former Yonsei University Graduate School of Administration Vice Director
  • Center for India and Southwest Asian Studies

    The Institute of East and West Studies India/Southeast Asia Center supports regional research on India and Southeast Asian nations, comprativeness research with Korea and East Asia, and strives to expand exchanges and local research. The India/Southeast Asia Center cooperates with Indian / Southeast Asian universities and institutions in organizing various academic events and seminar.

    Center Director : Park Young Ryeol
    Professor, Yonsei University School of Business
    Director, Yonsei-SERI EU Centre
    Curriculum Vitae
    President, Korean Academy of International Business (2012. 1 - 2012. 12)
    Director of External Cooperation, Yonsei University
    Visiting Professor, University of Washington at Seattle
  • Center for Government and Business

    Center Director : JOO In Ki (Yonsei University Professor, Business Department)
  • Yonsei RCE Center

    Center Director : Park Eun Gyung (Visiting Professor)
  • Center for Information Technology and Governance

    The IT Governance Research Center is an inter-disciplinary research institute focused on network society, social media, and democracy. The Center has developed academic insights and policy initiatives that look to the future of representative democracy and civil society. With its large network of affiliated scholars, the Center conducts research forums and seminars to investigate the relationship between social media and democracy in the networked era.

    The Center advances three broad visions
    Online Network Research on Information Society
    Transformation of Individuals, Institutions, and States in Information Society
    Policy Research for the Governance of Information Society

    Director : Whasun Jho
    The Department of Political Science and International Studies
    International Cooperation
    Field of study
    Political Economy
    IT politics
  • Center for NPO Studies

    The NPO Research Center carries out research topics related to nonprofit sector nonprofit organizations, laws and policies. NPO Research Center made a great contribution by establishing the Korea Association of Nonprofit Sector Research (KANPOR) in 2000. The NPO Research Center also has played a role of research hub for nonprofit sector in Korea, as a research partner for a number of international joint research projects.

    Director : Jae Kook CHO
    Dept. of Theology, Yonsei Univesity
    Dept. of Theology, Graduate School of Doshisha University (Ph.D in Religious study), Kyoto Japan
    Curriculum Vitae
    Director, Osaka Korean Legal Aid Center
    Acting Director, Christian Institute for Social Justice and Development
    Member of Waters Committee, EBS
    Professor, United Gaduate School of Theology, Yonsei University
    Dean of Chaplaincy, Yonsei University
    Pastor, University Church, Yonsei University
    Coordinator, Korea Campaign to Ban Landmines
    Chairperson, Peace Sharing Association
    Member of Commission for Civilian Victims, Ministry of National Defense
  • Center for Maritime Affairs

    Homepage :
  • Center for Peace and Security Studies

    Director : Kim Ki-Jung (Professor, Department of Political Science and International Studies)
  • Center for Comparative Cultural Studies

    The Center for Comparative Cultural Studies was established under Jae-Bong Ham’s responsibility in 1998. The goal for this division is the to implement comparative studies about political, economical, social issues between western and eastern countries. We conducted a research project about “Liberal, Social and Confucian Democracy” with supporting from the Asian Research Fund and from Ford between 1998 and 2001.Seminars were hosteed in An-Dong, Kyung-Sang province in the year of 1998 and 2000. Comparative Cultural Studies published a book titled "Confucian Democracy, Why &How" (2000) both in Korean and English.

    Director : Professor Han Seung-Mi (Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies)
    Associate Professor of Japanese Studies
    Dynamics of culture and information technology, Corporate culture of IT firms in Korea and Japan
    Ph.D., Harvard University, 1995 (Anthropology)
    M.A., Harvard University, 1994 (Anthropology)
    B.A., Seoul National University, 1986 (Anthropology)
    Academic and Professional Service
    Post-Doctorate, Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University, 1995-1996
    Research Fellow, Sejong Institute, 1996-1997
    Curriculum Vitae
    Professor Han has a distinguished academic career with degrees in anthropology from Seoul National University and Harvard University. She continued her research at Harvard as a post-doctorate at the Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies. Her areas of expertise are corporate culture of information technology firms in Korea and Japan, the dynamics of culture and information technology, and the role of NGOs/NPOs in policy-making. She is presently serving as the associate professor in Japanese studies and is the Chair of Area Studies Program at GSIS.
  • Environment, Energy and Human Resource Development center

    The Ultimate goal of energy development in the social sciences aspect lies in the human resources and national development. The existing energy related research centers focus mainly on the economic standpoint of energy, thus relatively lacking the significance of inter-disciplinary research. Founded on March 1, 2014, the Research Center for Energy and Human Resource Development (RCEHRD) of the IEWS, Yonsei University offers an alternative approach to the field of energy and human resources development, viewed from an inter-disciplinary research perspective.

    The RCEHRD will first push forward the research projects based on MOU with the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES), and move on to the projects with Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and other countries with rich natural resources, in order to contribute to the development of IEWS and greatly improve the prestige of Yonsei University.

    Established in 1982, The OIES is an indepent centre approved by the University of Oxford in England. It is also a world-renowned think tank in the energy research which extensively studies issues of energy from the social sciences viewpoint.

    Center Director : Professor Taedong Lee(Dept. of Political Science and Int’l Studies)
    Ph. D, Department of Political Science, University of Washington, Seattle, 2010
    M. A. Department of Political Science, University of Washington, Seattle, 2007
    M. A. Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University, Seoul (Major: Urban and Regional Planning), 2003
    B. A. Department of Political Science, Yonsei University, Seoul, 2001
    Curriculum Vitae
    Associate Dean, College of Social Science 2016. 3
    Excellence Award in Research, Yonsei University 2016. 2
    Associate Professor, Political Science Department 2015. 9
    Excellence Award in Research, Yonsei University 2015. 2
    Excellence Award in Teaching, Yonsei University 2015. 3 /dd>
    Assistant Professor, Political Science Department 2013. 9 -
    Global Environmental Politics, Editorial Board 2013. 2 -
    Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong 2010. 8 - 2013. 8
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