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East and West Studies Vol. 29, No. 1 2017
연세대학교 동서문제연구원
11 persons
ISSN 1225-8814 Date 2017-03-20
Pages 171 Read 842
Writer 관리자 Regdate 2019-01-08

[Yang, Sangwoo·Hahn, Sunku] The Change of News Media Capture Cost with Heavy Increase of Online Media


[Hun Joon Kim] From “A National Legacy of Unutterable Shame” to National Sorry Day: The Changes in Australia’s Policy on Indigenous Population*

[Jin Min Chung] 2016 American Presidential Primary Election: Focusing on Support Bases of Trump and Sanders and Political Implications


[Kim, Youngwan·Choi, Ajin·Jung, Sarang] The Diffusion of Democratic Governance: Focusing on ODA of the US, the EU, and Japan


[Yangho Rhee·Hyeok Yong Kwon·Eunju Chi] Economic Transition and Inequality in Vietnam: Political Economy of Privatization and Inequality


[Jihwan Hwang] North Korea’s Cyber Security Strategy and the Korean Peninsula


[Dae-yeob Yoon·Ki-hoon Kim] Governing the Culture: Market Opening, Economic Crisis and the Political Economy of Culture Industry Policy 

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