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East and West Studies Vol. 30, No. 1 2018
연세대학교 동서문제연구원
12 persons
ISSN 1225-8814 Date 2018-03-20
Pages 296 Read 798
Writer 관리자 Regdate 2019-01-08

[Beomsoo Kim·Wooyoung Chang] The Exploratory Study on the 14 Cases of Online Based Citizen Participation Politics

[Jaeyeon Joo·Sangjoon Kim] How America Remembers Hiroshima: The Past and Present Change and Development in Americas Way of Understanding the Hiroshima Bombing

[Sukhee Han] THAAD Controversies and Post-THAAD New Normal in Korea-China Relations


[Yoon Ah Oh] Southeast Asia’s Responses to the Rise of China: Rethinking Economic Factors


[Choi Jung Joon] A Study on the San Francisco System Establishment by the U.S.s Cold War Strategy in the North East Asia - Focusing on post-war territorial problems and compensation issues

[Cha, Jung-Mi] Analysis on the Chinas 4th Industrial Revolution Discourse, Strategy, and Promotion System


[Yang-Hyeon Jo] Macroeconomic Indicators to Evaluate Economic Crises in Emerging Economies


[Shin Wha Lee] Power Politics in the UN multilateral framework: Security Council Resolution and US-China Power Struggle


[Eui Suok Han] Prime Minister Abes Conception of the Revision of the Japanese Constitution


[Dong-Joon Jung] Civil Society in Vietnam after Doi Moi: A Comparative Study of the Effects of Civil Society on Political Participation and Democratic Values 

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