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   - Title : Development of eco friendly wetlands in ASEAN countries based on the experience of Suncheon bay wetland reserve

   - Participant : Prof. Sung, Jung Hee

National Research Foundation of Korea

   - Title : Industry 4.0 and Employment Polarization: Deep Learning Analysis through Big Data

   - Participants : Prof. Il Im, Prof. Kim, Seung Hyun, Prof. Lee, Jae Young


​​   - Title : Using Social Impact Bond as a Financing Vehicle to Resolve Social Issues

   - Participants : Prof. Shin, Hyun-Han, Prof. Kim, Kwang Hwan, Dr. Kim, So Yeon


​​   - Title :The future of Korean multinational enterprises: Cornerstone strategies for the global takeoff

   - Participants : Prof. Pak, Yong Suhk, Prof. Ra, Won Chan

Maritime Service

   - Title : Public offering of private ancillary industries for marine education projects in 2019

   - Participant : Prof. Sung, Jung Hee


Meteorologic Project

   - Title : The Research on Convergence of Performance-oriented Climate Big Data

   - Participant : Dr. Ko, Kwang Kun



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