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East and West Studies Vol. 27, No. 4 2015
연세대학교 동서문제연구원
8 persons
ISSN 1225-8814 Date 2015-12-20
Pages 151 Read 938
Writer 관리자 Regdate 2019-01-08

[Kwak, Jooyoung·Heejin Lee,Ying Li] A Comparative Analysis of Standards Essential Patent-Related Institutions and Implications for Technological Catch-Up: Based on the Litigation Cases on the Standards Essential Patents in the United States and China


[Choi, Seok Hyeon·Yoon, Sang Jin] An Exploratory Study on the Age Gap in Korean Voter Turnou


[Lee, Chulsoo] The Integration of Social Welfare Systems in North and South Korea: Issues in Institutional Configurations


[Jinsoo Park] An Examination of Korean National Assembly’s Failure in Oversight of Intelligence Agencies


[Sang-Hyeb Lee] The Pathway to a Developmental Welfare State: A case study on the origin and evolution of Korea’s employment insurance system* 

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