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East and West Studies 2013 25-2
Yonsei University Institute of East and West Studies
ISSN Date 2013-07-03
Pages Read 1572
Writer 관리자 Regdate 2013-07-15

[Oh Kim, Jungmin Seo] An analysis on the Political Economy of the Real Estate Policy : Focusing on Power Relations between Central and Local Government in China

[Yeon Sik Chi, Pilyoung Lee] An Encounter with the West of the Iwakura Mission : Imitation and Compromise

[Dong-hyu Kim, Heejin Lee, Heesang Lee] A Study of the Regulatory Systems for Abuse of Standard-essential Patents : The Korea-China FTA as a Solution to Regulatory Problems

[Kiyoung Lee, Sung Joo Bae Se-Bum Park] Creativity in Groups Based on Problem-Solving Perspective : An Empirical Study

[JangSoo Chae] The Spectrum of Political Ideology and Publicness

[Sukhee Han, Yongsoon Kim] China's Status-Quo-Plus Policy toward the Korean Peninsula and Its Implications

[Sunghack Lim] Election issues' Change and Contination during the 18th Presidential Election in Korea

[Young-june Chung, Sukhee Han, Yongsoon Kim] Middle Powers in Great Powers' Grand Strategy : Korea's Soft Hedging in the East Asian Security Structure

[So Young Lee, Jung-Taek Han] Discussion on the Quality of Political Information on SNS

[Jinwoo Choi] Theory and Practice of Cultural Diplomacy : Reconceptualization and Reorientation

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