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East and West Studies Vol. 25, No. 4 2013
ISSN Date 2014-01-27
Pages Read 1451
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[Special Issue] Analysis of Sea Lane Research in 2012

Hyun Jung Kim

Challenges and Solutions in the Use of Marine Resources and

the Protection of Marine Environment

: With Reference to Recent Publications (from 2012 to the first

half of 2013)

Min Gyo Koo

A Meta-Analysis of Maritime Policy Research in Korea

Chang-Hoon Shin

Studies on the Law of the Sea and Their Trend



Se Hyun Ahn

Framing Multi-lateral Energy Security Framework in Northeast Asia?

: Lessons from KEDO and ECT

Jun Young Choi

Worsening Economic Inequality and the Crisis of the U.S.A

Young-Ryeol Park

The Determinants of Cross-border Acquisition Performance

: Evidence from Indian Firms

Do-Kyung Kim

A Study on Park Geun-Hye's Influence in the 19th National

Assembly Election

: Focusing on the Survey Outcomes

Youngwan Kim, Byungha Lee

Analysis of the Influence of ODA over the Number of

Immigrant Workers

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