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2018 Joint Symposium on Trilateral Cooperation

 Young Professionals Consortium of Trilateral Cooperation 2018​


- On the occasion of the TCS-Yonsei-Keio-Tsinghua 2018 Joint Symposium on Trilateral Cooperation -


Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat(TCS) will co-organize ‘Young Professionals Consortium of Trilateral Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as “Consortium”) with distinguished universities in the three countries, starting with Yonsei-Keio-Tsinghua this year which already has a long-standing partnership.

1.   Objectives

- To encourage young professionals (including Ph.D students and post-doctoral fellows) from the three countries to strengthen trilateral partnership, conduct research on the common subjects of interest and to come up with innovative suggestions for trilateral cooperation 

To enrich intellectual network in the trilateral format to invite new perspectives and initiatives, while searching for relevant subjects to expand the scope of regional studies


2.  Date and Venue

1) Date: July 6th  

2) Venue: Yongjae Hall, Yonsei University 


3. Theme

Environmental Protection: ex) finding solutions for cross-border environmental problems such as air pollution (fine dust problem

- Energy Security

  ex) promoting connectivity in the LNG supply chain, super grid for renewable energies, joint exploration of the export market for nuclear power plants

- Health and Aging Population: ex) social impacts (employment, health care, etc.) and regional implications



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