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ASEAN-Korea Partnership Academy of Education for Sustainable Development (ASEAN Environmental Teacher Training Program)
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  • 2018-12-20 13:59:15

Period: March 2012 ~ September 2012 (6 months)



οTo provide an environmental training program to ASEAN states to reinforce the capacities of the participating countries.


Training Program

ο Period: July 22, 2012 ~ July 29, 2012

ο Number of Participants: 33 from 9 ASEAN countries (Brunei excluded)

              (Approximately 4 participants from each country)

              - 18 teachers, 3 professors, 8 public officials and 4 researchers and





ο Most participants were able to understand the significance and the values of Education for Sustainable Development. Participants were satisfied with the well organized and managed program.


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