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ASEAN-Korea Partnership Academy of Education for Sustainable Development: Program for building ESD Teaching Modules
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ο To provide an environmental training program to ASEAN Member States to reinforce the capacities of the participating countries and to develop teaching modules for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)



ο Operational Planning: October 31, 2014 – October 30, 2015

ο Selection of Participants (by ASEAN SOM-ED) : January 12 –February 28,2015

ο Submission of an ESD teaching module draft (by Workshop Participants):

  April 6 ~ 8, 2015

ο Worshop: May 17 ~ May 23, 2015

ο Review Process: May 12 – Oct 12, 2015

ο Submission of the ESD teaching module and the final report: July 1 –October 30,


Program Summary


ο In the beginning of the program, participants built their own teaching draft modules catered for their own respective countries. These  drafts were submitted to the program coordinators at Yonsei University. The draft was reviewed and feedback was provided to the participants so that they could revise their own teaching module that would be presented at the workshop.


ο Participants presented their teaching modules at the workshop that was held at Yonsei University. At that time, the participants decided on their own teaching methods and materials for ESD.


ο Participants had a field trip during the workshop. The field trip was designed to enlarge participant’s perspectives and observe teaching on a practical level. It helped the participants formulate a better perspective towards the goals of ESD.


ο Participants completed the final module for ESD and evaluated  



Evaluation of Overall Performance

ο High Satisfaction of the Participants: The program achieved an overall success with regards to participant’s satisfaction. As shown in the survey results, most participants were satisfied with the contents of the workshop, and every participant agreed that the workshop was helpful not only in enhancing his or her capacity to implement ESD, but also in enhancing regional cooperation for implementing ESD. Also recognized for management of the program, the IEWS was be selected as the UNESCO chair on Education for Sustainable Development.


ο Well-Qualified Participants: Compared to the previous program, most participants in the program were very qualified. They were enthusiastic, hard-working, and proficient in English. This happened because, unlike the previous program, participants were not selected by the IEWS, but by ASEAN SOM-ED. It shows why cross-organization collaboration is necessary to fulfill the task. However, there were also a few participants who had no interest in ESD or whose English was not good enough to follow the program.


ο Participants’ Selection Process: SOM-ED had authority to select the participant and although some of the participants did not meet the requests or were not eligible to participate, ASEAN secretary or IEWS were not able to reflect their opinions regarding the selection process. In this program IEWS requested to select one teacher out of the two participants but some of ASEAN member states did not comply with the request. After meeting with the ASEAN secretary, it was discussed that SOM-ED would recommend eligible participants and ASEAN and implement agency would have a final discussion to select final participants.


ο Effective Communication between Organizations: Communication with ASEAN Secretariat officials was very productive. Whenever our staff members sent an email to the officials asking about the program, the officials would send us a quick reply and give us the answers we were looking for. However, it would be better if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had played a more active role coordinating the program. It was difficult for us to make the final decision when there was disagreement among organizations over the management of the program


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